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limousine service Montreal

limousine service Montreal

Let Link Limousines Inc. provide you with excellent limousine service in Montreal.

What Type of Limousine Service in Montreal Do We Provide?

We provide several different types of Limousine services, and we are sure to have the right driver and car for you. Some of our services are:







Other Events

We offer several different sizes of car seats and booster seats that are available to our clients that have children. Children must be in approved car seats, plus it ensures the safety of all passengers. Our drivers are professionals and arrive before your scheduled time. You will be notified when your driver comes. It is his/her responsibility to await your arrival, take your luggage if you have any and open the door.

After your driver knows you are settled, the chauffeur will drive you to your destination. Drivers always try to drive carefully, so you do not spill a drink on yourself. You can enjoy any music you want. The chauffeur will open your door on arrival and help you with any bags or luggage you may have. He will also double-check to make sure you didn't leave any personal belonging behind.

All of our drivers are professionally trained and will do what they can to accommodate any requests you may have. They want you to enjoy your limousine service in Montreal. We also have antique limousines and exotic limousines for the ultimate limousine experience.  Enjoy your event or outing and leave the driving to us. We will ensure you arrive at your destination in a timely fashion.

What Are Some Questions We Are Frequently Asked?

How are the limousines rates determined? We take into consideration when the limousine is booked, what distance the limousine will travel, what the total time is expected to be, and various other factors. A split run is a reservation that is from one point at a designated time and a fixed return time and is a very economical way to hire a car.  You can also hire a limousine by the hour and keep the car at your disposal. This type of booking works excellent for those wanting to visit several different places.

There can be additional charges if damage occurs or if you choose an additional pick up and drop off service.

We do recommend that you give your chauffeur a gratuity. You can request it be added to the bill.

There is no smoking allowed in any of our limousines.

Our limousines are available around the clock.

Why Choose Us For Your Limousine Service?

Most limousine services appear to be the same, but there are several considerations. Always choose a service that has excellent customer service and ratings. Ask for recommendations and references. Make sure the limousine service has a good reputation. We have excellent references, several years providing service in Montreal, plus we have a large fleet. All of our operators are licensed, and we have all the necessary insurance. We are dependable, and our drivers are professionals that have the proper training to make sure your limousine service is top-notch.  Contact Link Limousines Inc. today.

limousine service Montreal
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limousine service Montreal
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limousine service Montreal limousine service Montreal