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Drilling Waste Hauling Edmonton

Whiterock Ventures is a progressive company in Edmonton providing waste disposal services. We are experts in contaminated soil hauling. Whiterock Ventures was formed in 2007, by merging seven companies in Edmonton.

In order to haul waste properly, there are many things that need to be addressed.

Equipment can be expensive and time consuming.

A one ton dual axel pick-up truck is essential. An oil field truck should also be diesel because it allows for enough starting torque, pulling power, and fuel economy to haul the kinds of loads needed in the oilfield. A truck with a flatbed makes it easier to turn on tight rig locations and back-up into the areas needed efficiently and effectively. Many trucks also have extra fuel tanks to prevent long journeys back to town; oil wells are often located miles from town. If a pick up for another load  or backhaul from a different rig is needed, preparation has already occurred. Another feature that can be very advantageous on a truck is a gin pole. If the rig happens to not have a forklift or if it is not working, off loading of items can still occur with the gin pole or winch set-up on the rear of the truck (only after unhitching the trailer).

The best kind of truck used for this work can be debatable. There are a lot of Dodge trucks with Cummins engines. Fords, one ton diesels, are used frequently. A few Chevy dual diesels are used in this type of work as well. Having a truck with four- wheel drive may be more then a luxury, if the rigs visited are on muddy roads. However, four-wheel drive can add extra maintenance fee and reduce fuel mileage.

Many truck operator’s start off by buying a new or used rig and subleasing it and their services to another established company.  This can be a great way to learn the industry before going out alone and reduces start-up business cost.

Many oilfield services use trailers that are custom made for the purpose of subleasing. One such trailer that can be seen frequently is the “Big Tex” trailer. It has a length of 30’-40’. A good trailer should have dual tandem axels and be rated for at least 30,000 pounds.  A trailer with heavy duty i-beam construction, heavy duty suspension and a roll off back end is necessary. There are some custom models which tilt, just as the semi truck trailers can, to allow for rolling off some loads. A search for “custom oilfield hot shot trailers” will bring up several companies who make them.